Stardust Original Gemstone Designs By Terry Lee Martin


Your Special Design

I create One-Of-A Kind brand new designs just for you. This gives you a unique opportunity. This design and the gem that I will cut using it, will be given a name that you choose. That design will never again be used to cut another gemstone, so you will have the only gem like it in the entire world. Where else can you go to obtain something like that?

If you do choose to commission me to design and cut a gem for you, I will be in contact, as much as is practical, with you to make certain that you feel you are a part of the process from start to finish. This, I have been told, is a very big part of the excitement.

Just think, this gem is being designed and created just for you. Once I have finished the design for your gem, the actual process of cutting your gem will take me approximately two days to complete it.

I want you to feel that the gem is truly your gem. There will be nobody else between me as the creator, and you as the customer. I will create the design especially for you, only after you decide to purchase the gemstone.

I can create your gemstone out of any type of gem material that you choose, assuming that I am able to obtain the material needed for me to do so. The only exception is that I do not work with Diamonds.

You, or someone you designate, will choose the name for the gemstone. As long as the name is a proper name, it will be acceptable. I do reserve the right to veto any name that I consider unacceptable or improper. I am very proud of my work, and I will not degrade it with a name that I feel is inappropriate. I would simply rather not sell it at all in that case.

The finished gem will come to you with a "Cutters Certificate." This is a document, suitable for framing, that I include with every gem that I sell. It spells out the specifics of the gem, and its name. It also attests to the fact that it was specifically designed and created by me, Terry Lee Martin, owner of 5C's Collectors Gems, for you the purchaser, or for whomever you choose. It also states that the design that I created for it will never again be used to cut any other gem. This is my assurance to you, as the buyer, that you will possess a One-Of-A-Kind gemstone, unlike any other in the world.

I also will be creating a Slideshow of your gem that you will receive on a CD, and that will be displayed here on my website so you can share it with your friends. It will show the process of cutting it from the original piece of rough, to creating the design, and the various actual steps taken in the cutting of your gemstone.

Your gem will be cut, not only to World Class cutting standards, but to my standards, and my standards require a higher degree of precision. Your gem will be many times more precisely cut than the standard gems you will find in any jewelry shop.