Stardust Original Gemstone Designs By Terry Lee Martin


The Elves

Hi, Welcome to "Terry's Dream World". The waterfall photo just above has nothing to do with Terry's Dream World. We just happen to like Waterfalls.  I know you are probably a bit curious about my Little Guys, and I can understand that, so I got them to agree to stop working for a few moments so I could get a photo of us all together. Actually it was kind of cute. I told them that their photos would be going on to an Internet Website and they just went nuts.

To help you understand why, you first need to realize that the guys and I have been doing this type of work for a few years, and until just recently, nobody really cared. The responses from people who heard about this work, ranged from "Why do you want to take all of this time to create that type of gem" to "you will never make much money doing that type of work." Now people are becoming very interested. We have been featured in three national magazines, Lapidary Journal, Jewelry Artist, and Gems and Gemology, but the world only heard about Terry Lee Martin in these magazines. The other guys were never mentioned because the world was even less ready for them than they were for the type of work that we do. Now that the world was going to hear about them too, the guys were getting very excited. They usually work pretty quickly anyway, Hey!!, after all, they are Elves, but they really moved this time, in order to get ready for their photo session.

Here are the gentlemen that I work with.

Marvin, (the rather mystical looking gentleman on the left lower corner of the picture) really surprised us. He is our "Idea" guy. Usually you will see him working in the shop wearing flip flops, shorts, and a white T shirt, that says "Leave me alone" on the back of it, and "go away. NOW!!!" on the front. This is quite deceiving, because he is really a very gentle and caring Elf. On his days off he can be seen taking care of the Unicorns, bunny rabbits, and the very large butterfly collection in the garden behind the Elf residence they live in. Our surprise came because now he's quite sure of his impending Fame as a world famous gemstone cutter and designer, and he now wants to be called Gandolph. He has become Mr. Hollywood.

He is married to Ariealena, an incredibly beautiful Fairy Princess who we see around here quite a lot. If you've ever seen a painting or a drawing of a Fairy Princess, you can understand why we enjoy her company. Actually we could possibly work a bit faster if she wasn't so much of a distraction, but no one in their right mind will ever complain. If they ever did, those complaints would be dealt with very severely by the other Elves. She loves jewelry, and although no gems have been missing from the inventory, we do think about that every once in a while. She's a wonderful lady, and no, we don't ever think that she might take one of the gems for herself, but it's possible that when one turns out to be spectacular, we feel that she might just determine that it should never be sold, and she just simply puts it safely away some where. Because of her royal status, we don't argue with her too much, and she is now in charge of inventory. With her being a woman, and a Royal Fairy Princess, any argument would be pointless anyway.

We think that Marvin might be working overtime someplace else to provide her with her own gems. Did you notice the magical walking staff that he is carrying in the photo? He's accidentally hit two of the other elves, just in the last two days, with that green ball on the end of it. We have to be very careful when walking around the shop now, because he's always leaving it laying around for us to trip over. We also don't have any clue where the heck he got his new clothes. Oh well, it's sure better than the T shirt and shorts we were used to.

Sean, the gentleman playing the flute on my shoulder, is our organizational guy. He tried once to join the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, but wasn't able to accomplish that goal. He claims that he was discriminated against because he is an Elf, and no one would handle his case in court. The ACLU was no help at all in this situation. As it turns out, the real reason is that he wasn't able to play the music. He only understands Elf music, and the music played by the Seattle Philharmonic Orchestra, was something he just couldn't adapt to. He wasn't that disappointed however, because that's the type of guy he is. He never really lets anything get to him for very long. He will stay completely calm even in the middle of a storm. Just a short time ago, we had an order for three gems that needed to be completed in the next two days, (with this type of work, a virtual impossibility) and Sean found the way to make it happen. Great guy to work with, and if you like Elf music, you need to talk to Sean. He's considering putting out a CD now that he is getting a little more publicity. Watch for it on If you see something like it on Ebay, it's probably not his.

Thomas, the little guy standing on my faceting machine and making last minute changes to his latest design, is truly amazing. When you send us an Email, the first of us that you will come in contact with is Thomas. He is the guy who sends out the acknowledgement that we received your Email, and informs you that we will be in contact with you very soon. He is so fast, that you hardly have time to finish sending your email to us, before he has one sent back to you. Obviously, I had to get him a VERY tiny keyboard to use, but it was worth the expense. He never forgets to check the Email, and will usually do so at least 4 times a day.

His main function in "Terry's Dream World" is as our Idea Guy. Thomas has yet to run out of ideas for new designs. He is constantly worrying about that though. Every single time he finishes a design, we will invariably hear him say "I sure hope I can come up with another new design", and up till now anyway, he always does.

He has a really big responsibility. Remember, we only create one gem from each design that Thomas comes up with, so he has some serious heavy duty weight on those little shoulders. Thomas might be tiny, but Thomas is also plenty tough.

Murphy, the aristocratic gentleman on the right lower side of the photo, heard about the photograph, and made a very speedy trip to Dublin to pick up that green outfit. He got it just to impress you. He is such a little BS artist. He usually wears a dirty Shenandoah University sweatshirt, blue jeans, and some pointy toed gold slippers. His great great great grandfather, O'Reilly, wore that same green outfit when he was helping to chase all the snakes out of Ireland. You might have heard about that event. It was in all the newspapers. Well OK, that was a few hundred years ago, so perhaps you missed it. Anyway, this was great, great, great, grandfathers favorite outfit when going out for a Wee bit of Whiskey once a week, more or less. Colleen, his wife, would always make sure the light was left on at home, and she was there to help pour O'Reilly into bed when he got back home. A very patient lady.

His great, great, great, grandson, our guy Murphy, on the other hand, doesn't drink at all, and is scarred to death of snakes, but this is a very historic set of clothes and Murphy thought it was important for this photo.

Murphy's main duties are to do the final check on the finished gems. He's looking for any pits, or scratches that need to be removed before he and Marvin's wife, Ariealena, declare that the gem is up to our standards.

Art wouldn't stand still for a photo. You'll just have to use your imagination-- think -- short, red hair, little boy face, funny blue suede pointy shoes, (loves Elvis) and green pointy hat, and that's Art. He is very shy, and for some reason he thinks getting his photo taken is very undignified. To try to talk Art into being included in the photograph, I explained that the photo was for a lady named Allison, and boy you should have seen his eyes light up when he heard that. He still wouldn't agree to the photograph though. I used that ploy because I think he had a girlfriend named Allison back in Ireland, many many years ago, but I'm not really sure about that. He doesn't talk much about it.

Art does whatever needs to be done around the shop. Keeps track of the gems, packs them up for shipping, and it is he who creates the "Cutters Certificates" that are included with each gem sold. The design that is the border on the certificates, is an actual Medieval design that is really quite ancient. As it turns out, one of Art's ancestors is the actual original creator of this elegant design, and Art is quite honored that we are using it. It has been passed on down in his family for a very long time.

The wives don't really come around too much. They are all very beautiful Fairies and would be very happy to have their photos taken, but there is one problem with that. You can't take a photo of a fairy. What you get is a small ball of light, that kind of reminds you of the first time you see Tinker Bell in the Peter Pan movie. We don't really have the funds to acquire portraits or drawings of them right now. Just take my word for it, you would been very proud to take any of them to your Senior Prom, and every other guy there would have tried to steal them from you all night long. From what I understand, they are a little tweaked off that their husbands are spending so much time cutting gems, that, up to now at least, nobody has heard anything about. They also would like a bit more help around the house. They all live in a fourplex that I built for them right close to my home, so when the guys go home at night, it's just a short walk across the street for them. Cutest little house you ever saw. Little garden out back with a fairy tale gazebo and tiny pond with Lilly pads, and Unicorns are seen in their lawns pretty much every day. I even enjoy that part. I go over and feed the bunny rabbits at lunch time nearly every afternoon.

I keep hoping for more Fairy Princesses to show up, and apparently they do, but just not when I happen to be there. Darn it. I'd be glad to put in a pool or a hot tub if that would bring some more of them around.

My wife Larisa gets along great with the guys and their wives. She loves the unicorns and Gemstones as much as I do. The guys were very glad when she came back to Seattle after completing her 3 year Medical Residency Program in Virginia a year ago. Larisa is much  smarter and prettier than any of the rest of us, and she is the reason we try to keep the shop reasonably clean and orderly. I think that she's finally figured out that she will never really fully succeed with that. However, we will still keep trying.

So--- There they are. My little guys. My secret is out, and I actually feel much better about it. It's tough keeping such a awesome secret. I'm sure 60 minutes and Dateline and Fox News will be calling sooner or later, but I'm ready for them. So are the rest of the guys, well, except for Art of course.




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