Stardust Original Gemstone Designs By Terry Lee Martin


A Gift to Last Forever!!!

A totally unforgettable gift for any happy occasion. A gemstone created specifically for your Mother, or your girlfriend, or anyone important to you. It would be a perfect anniversary gift. A gift for a new mother to celebrate this special event. How about A Graduation Gemstone?

Are you getting ready to ask her to marry you? You already know that she is unlike any other woman in the world. What better way to tell her that, than to show your love for her with an Engagement Gemstone that is also unlike any other in the world. Explain to her that you didn't simply buy her a ring. You had it designed, created, and named just for her.

Just imagine the look on her face at Christmas, or her Birthday, or Valentines Day. Then imagine how she will feel when she learns that it wasn't simply purchased at the neighborhood jewelry store. Just wait until she finds out that you thought enough of her to spend the considerable time and effort to obtain a One-Of-A-Kind Gemstone that was designed, and created, and named for no one else but her. Then explain to her, that there never, ever, will be another gemstone like it in the entire world. She will be reminded of your love every time she looks at it.

My challenge to you is for you to show me the woman who will not be pleased with this gift for a very long time. This present from you will be a Gemstone solely hers.

  5 C's Collector's Gems

These gemstones have between 300 and 800+ facets. Ordinary gemstones have less than 150, with the majority having less than 100. My gemsstones are cut with very high "World Class" precision. The high number of facets that I use to create my designs, is the number one reason your gem will be totally unique. From what I have been able to determine, I am the only gemstone artist specializing in creating gemstones with this large a number of facets.

Sui Generis Gemstones

This means One Of a Kind. Only one gem is cut from each design that is created. This assures the buyer that they will have a gem with a design unlike any other in the entire world. That is because that design will never be used again to cut a gemstone.

Original Design

I only cut Gemstones from designs that I have created, and only one Gemstone from each design. A new design will be created just for your gemstone, only after you decide to have me create one for you.

I possess the essence of a star
twill last throughout all time
and in my hands caress it
a gemstone solely mine.

              -Terry Lee Martin



Terry Lee Martin Designs